Lirik Lagu The Golden Path - Doul. [Fate/Grand Order]
September 05, 2021

Lirik Lagu The Golden Path - Doul. [Fate/Grand Order]

Fate/Grand Order『The Golden Path』| Doul Lyrics [FYI Indonesia] - Lirik Lagu The Golden Path - Doul. [Fate/Grand Order]

Lirik [The Golden Path] - Doul

Long ago, when humans and gods,
Dark spirits, and Oni would show with the moon
In the red of sunrise was an ancient capital
Where nature’s ghost lurk and rule

In every corner of the wishes would whirl
Desires rumble louder as the night would progress
When a path is only to be walked with the righteous mind and dignity
The mark on his hand, his eyes remain enchanted

Struggling forces, ponderers and worriers
The missing pieces leave confusion dark in the skies
With the reflection resonating in this blade
As this dawn glimmers on indigo eyes

How does one find conviction? How is it defined?
What’s the distinction of wrong and right?
Once again, grievances arise in mist of night

There’s a story of decision
For every drop of tear falling slow to dry
Strong emotions still our standards
How I wish the words could now be truly defined

An evening darkened by twilight with a red moon
It’s a matter of time before order turns chaotic
A departure from hesitation is vital with courage and bravery
Justice emerging…

<Rap Part>

Courageous hero, confident warrior
His answer was to feel and think for all types of life
Under the bright sun, below the same sky
Everything alive be joyous and thrive

Ain’t that right, my partner
Was no direct light
But every moment spent was well worth all of our time
We fought together through light and darkness
As justice glows in the path we have walked

Now that I’ve found my reply
I’m no longer bound
There is no way end can be near
I like when you shout
So let’s keep it golden from here on

Destruction of the lane was avoided
But did peace ever return?
And what happened to the man in the story
We have to wait and see about that
That’s all we will speak of tonight